Why Do I Write?

Hello everyone! back again at mynauvalelghifariblog.wordpress.com! This time I want to write many articles about international issues, for those of you who have not known me, I am a student of Sinar Cendekia Senior High School. And yep I love my friends at my school: P

Okay you guys might ask, why do I start writing blogs? as a prospective student of faculty of social sciences and political sciences (Aamiin) I am inspired to write. The reason I write is not up there, I write because I’m sure that one day when we write a writing, it will be useful in the future, I also want to expand the vocabulary, and I’m sure that if we write to share knowledge, it will be very useful. I believe in the term of “Book is the window of the world”, in my opinion this term is not too excessive because we can see that among the authors of the book experienced a life and culture that is clearly different.

For example, I read a biography book about Alfred Nobel, he is a dynamite inventor but he is also anti-war. But why he invented dynamite for war? You can read his biography haha :P. From there I can feel his life as a creator, inventor, public figure, and the discrimination that feels so strong in his time and so on.


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