Wall Of Shame : Armenian Genocide

The Ottoman Empire, ruled from Constantinople, lasted from 1299 to 1922, when it was succeeded by the Republic of Turkey. The Ottoman Empire entered World War I on the side of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria; collectively, they were unsuccessfull in their attempts to overtake certain regions, they blamed their failure on the Armenian population.

Armenian was a landlocked province to the east of Turkey that bordered, at the Time, the Russian Empire and the Persian Empire. The Ottoman government became hostile to its Armenian population when volunteers from that region worked in aid of the Russian army in their advances into Armenian territory. The hostility was so great that it led to a policy of genocide, a clear will to completely eliminate the Armenian Population. Around April 24, 1915. 250 Armenian intellectuals and leaders in Constantinople were arrested. Armenian families were evicted from their homes and massacred or sent on death marches, forced to march hundreds of miles to what is now Syria, without food, water, or shelter. Women and children were repeatedly raped and death was virtually inevitable. Some scholars estimate that as many as two millions Armenians and other minor ethnic groups in the region were killed between 1915 and 1923. About 500,000 fled to neighboring countries.

France, Russia, and Great Britain publicly deplored the acts of the Ottoman government, defining them as a “new crime against humanity and civilization.” In 1943, the expression “genocide” was coined to describe the wilful extermination of the Armenian people. Today, the Republic of Turkey, which succeeded the Ottoman Empire, refuses to acknowledge their actions as genocidal.


Armenian Genocide. April 24,1915. History does not faded away.


Armenian Genocide Memorial


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